Litensity Services

Realizing Our Vision To Be The Premier Franchise Group

As we continue to grow and expand, our vision remains unchanged: we strive to be the premier franchise group in the restaurant industry. Our structure is designed to hire and retain great people, empower them to run consistently superior operations, and achieve sustained growth in the strongest concepts.

Daring To Be Different With A Local Approach

We own restaurants in Portland, Maine, and Portland, Oregon. These restaurants are more than 3,000 miles apart and require a different approach to reach their full potential. That’s why we give our managers the freedom to run their restaurant as if they owned it. We have “federal” standards and rules that we apply everywhere, but we believe the best results come from giving local operators the opportunity to determine what’s right for their business.

Accepting Nothing Less Than Perfection

At Litensity Services, we believe in “zero tolerance,” which for us relates to the physical condition of our restaurants. We strive for our units to remain as close to “perfect” in their appearance as possible because we believe it is a critical component of the guest experience and a key factor in retaining the best talent. To that end, we continue to reinvest in our restaurants to meet these high standards.

Training Our Managers To Own Their Results

In our restaurants, “Own it!” has become a mantra. Empowering our operators to make local decisions works only when they own their results. To ensure that happens, we purposefully build our teams with leaders who are nimble, decisive, and action-oriented. In doing so, we’ve created a culture where mediocrity is never acceptable and people strive to earn a reputation for excellence.

Hiring Only The Best And Staffing At 100%

Hiring and retaining great talent is mission critical. Doing so requires that we invest in our teams, create a culture of accountability, and staff for the sales we want to have. Running 100% staffed is the only way to deliver a premier guest experience.

Achieving our goal of becoming the foremost franchisee group.

While our growth and expansion continue, our vision remains steadfast: to become the leading franchisee group in the restaurant industry. Our organizational framework is strategically crafted to forge connections with established brands, enabling us to consistently enhance operations and attain sustained growth in the most robust concepts.

Embracing uniqueness through a localized strategy.

Our unique approach centers around embracing distinctiveness through a localized strategy. Across various locales, we understand the significance of catering to specific preferences and needs. While upholding our fundamental principles, we empower our managers to create tailored experiences that resonate with the local community. This methodology not only elevates the dining journey but also forges a deeper bond with the unique communities we engage with.


We train our managers to take ownership of their outcomes

In our restaurants, the philosophy of "Own it!" has become ingrained. Empowering our store managers and employees to make local decisions is fruitful when they wholeheartedly embrace the responsibility for their results. To ensure this commitment, we deliberately form teams with leaders who display agility, decisiveness, and a proactive mindset. This has cultivated a culture where anything short of excellence is unacceptable, motivating individuals to strive for a reputation of distinction

We focus on hiring the finest candidates and maintaining a 100% staffing level.

Securing and retaining exceptional talent is of paramount importance. Achieving this entails investing in our teams, fostering a culture of responsibility, and staffing to match our desired sales. Operating with a full staff is the sole means to provide a top-tier guest experience.